Business Portraits

Business Portrait and Why You Need One

The short version is this – Potential clients want to deal with a real person not a company. Almost everyone is connected to the internet these days so you are no longer, simply put, a few lines of text in the phone book. People want to connect with people.

Why not just use one of my vacation photos? Images like that are fine to share with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media sites but do they represent you as a professional? A properly exposed and well lit photo is needed to help establish that first impression.

You may belong or work for a reputable company with a proven track record but this is no longer enough. Clients no longer want a “human less” company. They want to see and connect with the people behind the logo. A quality business portrait could be the difference between a new client or not.

If you are still asking yourself why you would need one, please read on.

How often have you visited a business website and quickly made an opinion about the professionalism of the company based on the lack of a personal connection? A well composed business portrait with proper lighting creates that initial connection by giving the client a real person to associate with the company and a positive and lasting impression.

We are all flooded with information from TV, the internet, newspapers, trade shows and at meetings making it all feel anonymous. A business portrait is an important tool in your branding arsenal no matter how small or big the company, it’s an essential part of your business entity.

Why limit its use to just your business card or company website, get creative.

A powerful way to capture a client’s attention and creating the personal connection, making it harder to ignore or discard, is to use your business portrait on your letterhead and emails. Incorporate your portrait in your sales letters. Include a portrait in your brochures establishing you as the face of the company. A good portrait makes you a familiar face. Consider using your portrait and those of others in the company on company vehicles. People remember faces more than text. You never know who may be next to you at a stop light or in traffic.


Business Portrait package

On location setup fee – $150.00

1 – 3 people – $130 per person

3 or more people $100.00 per person

10+ poses to chose from

Cd containing:

One high resolution image in both colour and black & white.

One low resolution image in both colour and black & white.

*Extra digital images: $20.00 per image